a catalyst of your very own

Hopefully it’s been helpful reading some high points from my Catalyst 2008 trip. To close out that effort, I want to point you to the resource that I find most amazing of all:

The $249 everything-you-can-think of Catalyst Experience Kit (+ Labs!).

The messages alone are a good deal: audio of the 26 Labs sessions, and the audio and video of the dozen or so main speakers. But you get all kinds of stuff on top of that – including a subscription to “Catalyst Filter,” which is sort of a club that includes getting occasional free, newly-published books all year.


You can see the full “kit” on the order page.

I know $249 isn’t a small amount of cash, and there are other options and offers if you don’t want the whole Kit and/or the Labs messages. But of all the methods we can use to stay on top of recent “ministry thought,” this is probably the best and easiest.

  • It helps you identify new thinkers who resonate with you – so you can enjoy more of their books, blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • It helps you identify other thinkers who don’t resonate so much – so you don’t have to waste time on their books, blogs, podcasts, etc.
  • Equally as important, you’ll be familiar with the theologians, pastors, and other thinkers who are impacting many of our students. Heard of The Shack? Its author was interviewed at Catalyst. Are your students listening to Matt Chandler’s podcasts? He spoke. Does Lifechurch.tv have a church site near you yet? Their pastor spoke, too.

I’m sure there will be more about Catalyst I’ll remember that I want to chat about, but thus ends the official notes on the two-week Atlanta escapade.

Here’s to road trips!

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