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At Catalyst, we got to hear Ed Stetzer speak briefly from his new book. See if this title seems like it might connect with what we do:

Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them

(It’s co-written with Richie Stanley and Jason Hayes.)

Stetzer has kindly summarized his presentation stats – and uploaded his Powerpoint – at his blog.

It looks like Lost and Found is going to be released in early 2009, but all the Catalyst attendees did get some free excerpts in our packs.

#2: Stetzer’s boss at Lifeway Christian Resources, Thom Rainer, just released his book with a similarly provocative title:

Essential Church: Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts

(This one is co-written with his son, Sam.)

I have this one, and I’ll try to report on it when I can get it read.

Written at Mississippi State University

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  1. I work on the Threads team at LifeWay. Threads, an initiative to help churches reach the young adult generation, is a result of the research Ed Stetzer spoke about at Catalyst and posted on the blog. Jason Hayes, co author with Stetzer, is the Threads Ministry Specialist. If you’re interested, check us out at where you can connect with Jason directly if you have questions about the research.

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