proclaiming peace of the financial kind

As I noted yesterday, Dave Ramsey was really good at Catalyst. It’s the second year in a row he’s spoken, and his presence was especially apt with the whole world in a bit of financial turmoil these days. He’s a pretty phenomenal communicator.

If you haven’t ever seen or heard Dave’s materials, some of it could be excellent fodder for discipling college students. While Dave Ramsey & company apparently don’t have any materials prepared for students in particular (I asked), showing a video or adapting principles would be easy enough. Some of the resources might make small group materials, too.

Alternately, this would be an amazing chance to get your students connected to a local church. Churches regularly run the Financial Peace University program, Crown Financial‘s, or similar “God’s word on your finances” classes.

Any way you go about it, what better time – in this moment in our country and in this stage of students’ lives – to share biblical principles about financial issues? You think you might get some visitors when you’re proclaiming this particular peace?

And like Dave discussed at Catalyst, Christians “doing money” right and reaping the benefits is an excellent witness to the watching world.

Even on a college campus.

Written from Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

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