jim and casper go to college ministry?

College ministry thoughts springing from the Catalyst Conference:

When is the last time you visited another college ministry – just as a visitor?

I heard Jim Henderson and Matt Casper speak yesterday about their Jim and Casper Go to Church experience. For the book, Jim (a former pastor) and Matt (a friendly atheist) visited ten or so churches – including some of the most famous churches in the U.S.

Even as a nonbeliever, Matt has clearly become seasoned at discussing church worship services. Jim has a lot to say, too. Why? Because they’ve experienced quite a bit.

They saw several vivid, real-life examples of what (in their minds) “works” – and what doesn’t. I bet they even analyzed a few church elements that they had never considered before their multi-church immersion. If they ever had to construct their own church worship service, they would probably do it better because of all they’ve seen.

Pretty obvious, right? Visiting other churches helps somebody “think church” and “do church” better. Duh.

If this is true for church services, then it’s probably true for college ministry, too. But I get the feeling that most college ministers have rarely – if ever – visited a college ministry that wasn’t their own.

Take it from the guy who has been to plenty of ministries in the past year: There is no easier way to broaden our horizons, deepen our thinking, keep us fresh, and encourage our progress than seeing others in action. I don’t personally ever want to get away from visiting others’ ministries, year after year, as long as I’m involved in college ministry.

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