it would have been better with college students

I spent quite a while Tuesday searching the interweb for someplace to watch the Presidential Debate with a bunch of college students. Watching a debate is one thing; watching college students watch a debate is all the more interesting.

In Auburn, perhaps? Or at one of Atlanta’s many schools?

But I never could get a solid lead. So in the end, I watched the debate at a great and famous collegiate dining establishment, The Varsity. But there was no college student consortium there last night. Bummer.

My search and subsequent utter failure had an upside, though. It reminded me of something – how much of an opportunity I have to “live life” with college students.

Perhaps more than most areas of ministry, we college ministers have the chance to spend regular time with our flock in their natural habitats – one of the best chances to stay in touch with who they are.

Second, there are also so many opportunities to bring students “along for the ride” in our own daily lives – one of the most effective habits in disciplemaking.

In both respects, we’ve got a pretty awesome gig, don’t we?

T.V. show to watch? Work to get done on the ol’ laptop? Movie to see? Ministry function to perform? Errands to run? Meal to eat?

Can it happen on campus? Can it happen with a college student? It might even be better that way.

Written from the Café 1040 ministry house, my wonderful home while attending Catalyst

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