or invent them

There are other models for college ministry out there. We just have to find them. Or invent them.

When I first ran across The Refuge, a college student worship gathering in Baton Rouge, it was the busy end-of-semester in Chapter Four of the road trip. So my opportunities for research were limited.

That was remedied Sunday night.

Here’s the kicker:

  • Is the Refuge the worship gathering of a campus-based ministry? Yes – none other than Campus Crusade for Christ at LSU.
  • Is the Refuge the worship gathering of a church-based college ministry? Yes – a church called The Chapel.

In fact, the Refuge has long been the worship service and “hub” for the community groups of The Chapel’s college ministry. But a couple of years ago, Crusade leadership approached The Chapel with a unique question: What if they joined forces?

Longish story short, they did.

One worship service? Coordinated small groups? Joint advertising? Associated missions opportunities? But still two ministry identities? Really?

Talking to the directors of both the church’s ministry and Campus Crusade on Sunday night, I heard a lot of mutual appreciation. A lot of mutual benefits. A lot of Kingdom-mindedness. A lot of opportunities.

And a model that isn’t traditional.

They’re out there. Or we can invent them.

Written at Steak ‘n Shake in Mobile, AL

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