on the road again

One of the things about my road trip that most surprised me was how after nearly every college minister interview, I walked away with something new to think about. Likewise, many of my visits to college ministries gave new wrinkles to ponder.

Sometimes, these efforts at collaboration provided just a tidbit, but it was still something to process.

Other times, it was a lot closer to a paradigm shift.

Time and time again, notepad after notepad, I have been forced to think and rethink and even re-rethink. I’m sure as I go back through all those notes from last year, I’ll be rethinking all over again.

It’s fun. And kind of annoying sometimes.

But it’s why, when I had a weeklong road trip ahead of me, I decided to make it two weeks. I left home yesterday… Catalyst is Thursday and Friday… and there are lots of ways to get to Atlanta and back. And a whole lot of campus mission fields to explore in between.

I’ll be sharing; please be praying.

And maybe, just maybe, think about doing the same kind of collaborating where you are this week. There is so much to learn!

Written at Brookwood Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

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