going to catalyst?

After hyping it pretty hard a few months ago, in the end I wasn’t exactly sure I’d get to travel to Catalyst Conference next week to use my already-purchased ticket. (The ticket was extra cheapo ’cause I bought it a year ago.)

But it turns out I will be attending. Hooray. Not only will I enjoy Catalyst, it will be the first real road trip since the ROAD TRIP. (Last year I drove in from Chicago.) Good times.


1. If any of you are going, I’d love to connect while we’re there!

2. If not, you should stay tuned to the conference info afterwards. The Catalyst experience – even if it’s via audio messages following the conference – is a great way to catch up on the cutting edge of Christian ministry.

3. Next week’s posts should include some very special Catalyst-inspired episodes. Stay tuned!


  1. I’ve been recently found your blog and have found it helpful. I would like to know where you are going to be at Catalyst. I am a regional coordinator for a state convention and would love to hear more about what is going on around the country.

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