say it all out loud

It was an overwhelming honor not only to interview a bunch of college ministers this past year, but also to have several of them indicate that the process of telling me about their ministries helped them, too. Phenomenal.

That says a lot about the value of a brain-pickin’ session – not only for the brain-picker, but also for the one whose brain is being picked!

Deep(ish) questions from a fellow college minister go a long way toward making us define, rethink, and contemplate. Aspects of our ministry we have believed to be necessary may be shown to be optional… the minor is shown to be major (or vice versa)… the unquestioned turns out to elicit plenty of questions… the aspects we considered “good” prove to be genius (or vice versa)…

…and we find ourselves with a clearer picture of our ministry than ever before, because we’ve been forced to say it all out loud.

Unless, of course, we find out the picture is fuzzier than we realized.

In either case, we win.

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