vision trip

If I had the chance to take a Senior Pastor to one campus location for a “Vision Trip,” it would be the center of the campus, outside, about 15 minutes before classes let out around noon.

We would stand around in the semi-stillness. I would point to what we could see already: Maybe some organizations are out recruiting, maybe I can point out a notable building or two, we read the fliers on the nearby bulletin board, and perhaps (if we’re lucky) we see some sort of protest or demonstration. Or at least a bicycle wipe-out.

Then classes let out.

There is no more gripping sight than the sudden appearance of vibrant life on a college campus. There they are, our mission field, living their lives right in front of us. In one giant, fervent clump we see laughter and loneliness, immodesty and diligence, friendship and romance, toil, relief, independence, youth, and restlessness. We read T-shirts; we read faces. Are these ants? Sheep? Bees? Invincibles? Immortals?

(They are all immortals.)

What could God work with handfuls of young, restless, thinking, acting college students abandoned to His glory?

We get to see. I love being a college minister.

(After the masses dispersed, I’d let that pastor buy me lunch at the campus Chick-fil-A.)

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