quick primer on the quarter

In honor of the start of the school year for many schools this week (yes, the start of the school year!)…

One distinct college ministry context I had the chance to explore last year was the Quarter System.

Most of the country has no idea that there are lots of students attending college on a very different schedule than the rest of us. (And some of you Quarter System friends might be surprised at how few know about your plight!)

Rather than try to explain it, here’s UCLA‘s school year calendar:

  • Fall Quarter: Sept. 22nd (!) – Dec. 12th
  • Winter Quarter: Jan. 5th (!) – March 20th
  • Spring Quarter: March 30th – June 12th (!)

While the only widespread use of the Quarter System seems to be on the West Coast (from California to Washington), there are several other schools with a similar sched – including the largest university in the country. That represents a huge number of students and ministers not in Semester System schools.

(A list of Quarter System schools from 2005 can be found at the bottom of this NCAA article.)

This all means many of your fellow college minsters are in their first week of school right now – that crazy, scary, exciting, overwhelming time of year which you went through not too long ago. (Remember? I know it probably feels like it’s been months.)

So a little prayin’ would, I’m sure, be appreciated!

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