a big day for college students

As you may realize, today is a big day for college students. But will that fact affect your ministry? Should it?

Tonight, our students find out big news on their close friends, whose relationships and jobs and futures have been in limbo all summer.

Of course, while your students are learning about all these “friends” during The Office’s season premiere, they might also be connecting with in-the-flesh buddies, gathered for fellowship around a common TV hobby. Or distraction. Whatever.

As I’ve gotten to know different ministries around the country, it’s been interesting to see ministries incorporate “not-explicitly-spiritual” activities in varying ways and to varying degrees. It’s a pretty broad spectrum.

Some will hold Office-watching parties tonight, I imagine. For others, that kind of thing really isn’t their style.

A ministry’s use of “secular entertainment” depends on what its leaders find both right and helpful. And this will always be an area where good ministers differ.

I hope you enjoy your ministry today, however you happen to be loving on college students!

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