Yesterday I linked to the LEAD Network podcast I got to be interviewed for. It was a very cool opportunity, and I’m thankful for the chance to discuss what I learned this past year!

Since there are lots of references to various ministries and themes in those 19 minutes, I figured it might help to annotate the podcast here. Whether you get to listen or not, hopefully these will be helpful notes.

  1. The LEAD Network is a network of college ministers (church, campus-based, and volunteer) based out of the theMILL, the college and young adults ministry of New Life Church. Through resources, podcasting, and regular Roundtable forums, the LEAD Network seeks to connect and strengthen ministers and ministries.
  2. The awesome ministry I mention that highly impacted me in college was Freedom Ministries, the college ministry of Central Baptist Church.
  3. I discuss looking at college ministry like we look at International Missions; a synopsis of this idea can be found here.
  4. I mention two “tribes” in the Podcast: the Buffaloes tribe of CU Boulder and the Orediggers tribe of Colorado School of Mines.
  5. Two of the church-based college ministries that first come to mind when I talk about the extreme benefits of longevity are Pioneer Drive Baptist Church and University Presbyterian Church.
  6. The ladies at Iowa State with a cool niche ministry to future teachers are a part of a group called Christian Educators Association International. Since then, one of those women has joined the staff of the mega Campus Crusade chapter at her alma mater, to minister in much the same way.
  7. I mention college students’ love for “authentage” (vintage + authentic) on the Podcast; click here for more on that theme.
  8. I mention finding “new apologists” for this generation; one seems to be Tim Keller, whom I had the neat chance to hear at Stanford and at Berkeley. (Read about that here.)
  9. The idea of working with the soil we’ve been given comes from Eugene Peterson’s Under the Unpredictable Plant. I discussed it in my list of books that have most influenced my view of Collegiate Ministry.

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