sunday smattering

A random smattering of things you might find interesting:

  1. Relationships Key in College Ministries. A new article from a wise, lifelong college minister, with a good run-down of the number of relationships a college minister needs to think about. (Besides helping us, this would be a great pass-along for your pastor or other overseer…)
  2. An online travel agent for college students. Who knew?
  3. Go Figure from Christianity Today. Some quick interesting stats on Black college student enrollment.
  4. is where Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, dumps all kinds of free media stuff. You gotta appreciate that, especially if you’re a college minister.
  5. 340,000 people have downloaded the YouVersion Bible App for the iPhone (graciously free from, and now there are improvements. Start here to learn more and/or get the application – this could be a cool app for you to tell students about, and to use yourself if you’ve got an iPhone. (I don’t, but my present old-school black RAZR appears to be on its last legs…)

And for an added bonus, I want to remind you of the Resources Category here on the blog. One of these days I’ll make some kind of organized page with everything, but for now, you can check out those posts for books, articles, and plenty more than can be useful to us as college ministers.

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