do it for the babies

As I think about building a college ministry (any college ministry), it’s important to me to look beyond the present.

Of COURSE I want to minister well to those who are plugged in this year.

But I also want to be building a ministry for people who are presently in Jr. High. How awesome could this college ministry be for them, once they darken our door in 5 or 6 years? Will it be even better than it is today?

What about for those who are now babies? They’ll be in here one day, too (even if I’m long gone).

Hopefully our ministry is super now. But hopefully these babies find something even better, ripened over time and endowed with the greatness that longevity seems to provide. Will they find a ministry that offers to dramatically impact them, preparing them for the rest of their lives in the 2030s and beyond? (And will it have been visionary enough to do good ministry well past the heyday of the Millennial Generation?)

Sometimes it’s hard to look up, to look past the present crop of students. I think this futurevision is worth fighting to gain, even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

dedicated to Sammy Roberts, this cool baby I know

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