week four and week five

Suggestion for your Week 4 Itinerary (assuming you spent weeks 1-3 going all-out):

Rest up, catch up, re-organize. Really. It’s okay. I think Sabbath is even in the Ten Commandments somewhere.

BUT here’s an idea once Week Five comes along: Fix that one thing.

Seth Godin recently posted a great note about fixing that one thing that creates a roadblock for your organization or yourself (he’s got great examples about Joe Biden and Verizon). Definitely worth reading.

His point was that sometimes our progress is hindered by something fairly easy to fix. But instead, that one problem often stays overlooked, worked around, laughed at, or even seen as “cute” for months or years. Why not spend the time and fix it? (Often it doesn’t even take very long.)

For us in college ministry, our “One Thing” can include…

  • Teaching ability that could be improved with a little honest feedback and a video camera
  • A less-than-inviting meeting place (too hot, too “cold,” too small, too hard to find) that could be fixed in a Saturday, in a talk with my boss, or with a better map
  • An unread book that I know could really benefit me or our group
  • A leader or volunteer who needs to be confronted or “reassigned”
  • Needed adjustments in my personal spiritual life, personal schedule, or personal relationships

Why not spend a week actually fixing that One Thing? Why not calendar it right now?

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