more thoughts on the strategist

A few more thoughts on the idea of a Strategist preceding a College Minister:

  • In this model the blueprint precedes the building of the ministry, but the goal is not a forever-static vision. New strategies and methods will continue to arise through the years. But pre-planning provides an effective head start, and it allows the initial trajectory to match the actual need.
  • Yes, the College Ministry Strategist role could simply be how the long-term college minister spends his or her first several months on the job. Of course, they’ll have to be willing to recommend the best vision for the church’s ministry, even if it means they’re out of a job!
  • This method also allows the sponsoring organization – whether a church or otherwise – to be ultimately the source of and keeper of the ministry vision. Even as students and staff turn over, the ministry identity remains – producing longevity, which is a giant help toward college ministry success.
  • And yes, this idea could easily apply to a non-church-based college ministry. Anywhere you’re hoping to impact college students, I would encourage a heavy dose of strategizing up front.

In fact, the idea of a College Ministry Strategist doesn’t really fit neatly into the church-based / campus-based distinction. Because the model is bigger than those categories.

Ultimately, a church may decide that sponsoring a new campus-based ministry or partnering with a present one is the best plan…

Or a ministry expecting to be campus-based might decide planting a church – or attaching to a present church – is instead the best route…

…for impacting these students, at this time, in this field.

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