the normal method for starting a church college ministry

Step One: Get a College Minister to “do college ministry.” He or she ministers to present students, recruits new students, and builds traditional college ministry elements ASAP.

While completing the enormous amount of day-in, day-out work of ministry with a growing number of college students, the college minister hopefully also works toward establishing a ministry identity, establishing a vision for the ministry, and structuring the ministry for strategic excellence.

Meanwhile, hopefully the church and students are patient with a good-but-nebulous ministry that may take a while to get off the ground.

Hopefully the leader stays long enough to build a self-perpetuating, structured, established ministry – perhaps 5 years at least? Leader longevity is key, in part because the identity, vision, and structure belong to him until he’s able to transfer it to the students and the church as a whole.

Hopefully the resulting ministry connects well within the church, while also complementing the ministries already reaching the campus(es).

Fulfillment of any of these hopes is far from automatic, but it is certainly possible. There are lots of thriving church college ministries throughout America that started in just this way.

On the other hand, perhaps more churches fit into the group I talked about yesterday.

I’ll suggest a new idea tomorrow. It’s just an idea, but it intrigues me.

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