college ministry in a box

Interestingly enough, yesterday‘s observations about messy ministry conflict violently with my natural personality.

I am an “all-my-ducks-in-a-row” kind of guy – strongly perfectionistic, analytical, black-and-white. It permeates a bunch of what I do. It’s not wrong to possess that personality, but I regularly need the Lord to hold it at bay when it gets in the way of His plans.

Since I’m that way, I would love to believe that I could start a college ministry, work a few years toward the Platonic Form of “A Good College Ministry,” and then let that tidy package bring abundant crops year after year.

It doesn’t seem to happen like that.

Perhaps more than any other ministry area, Collegiate-Ministry-in-a-Box doesn’t work. Boy, I wish it did.

Not that I don’t think there are valuable principles, methods, methodologies, philosophies, structures, and strategies to seek and create and share. I just know that every calculation had better allow for a “margin of messy.”

(And as you may have noticed, somehow God not only got an anti-messy perfectionistic fellow to enjoy messy ministry, but He grew me to the point where a ridiculous, random year-long road trip didn’t seem out of the question. That 10-year growth process is a pretty fun part of my testimony.)

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