update from dallas

Being here in Big D, stationary and a little less scheduled and a lot more familiar, is weird. But it’s good getting down to business catching up with life (and with family and friends), while seeking a fuller picture of what God has next for me.

In that area (of what’s next), no updates yet. But here is what I can report: I think I’m gonna start blogging daily.

Of course, now that the trip is finished, the blog will be different. For one thing, it will be short-form, rather than the medium-size posts I’ve been posting. Hopefully that means some helpful “nugget” each-and-every day.

Second, I will get to share my thoughts, theories, and learnings a little more boldly, now that I transition from researcher to “theorist” (“research-sharer”?). I will enjoy that, and you might, too.

When will the daily blogging start? Hopefully in a week – look for posts to start September 1st or so.

Until then, I’m going to take a break. Many of you probably aren’t in blog-reading mode, anyway, since I know many of you are starting a new semester of ministry (while many of you Quarter System peeps have 4 more weeks of summer…). If you do feel like reading some, I’d encourage you to skim the Blog Topics; you can find them over there at the right.

If there’s something I need to share, I may still post once or twice this week. Or I may take a true hiatus until the 1st.

As always, major updates will also go to the Facebook Group people.

Thanks for reading this blog. It means so much, and I hope the new post-trip rendition will be even more valuable for you, my heroes.

Written from Starbucks in Dallas, TX

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