home. kinda.

As you may have gathered, I finished the trip last night, after 370 wonderful days.

179 campuses, 165 weekend church visits, 44 states, etc., etc. I’ll keep working on calculating totals for all the trip’s activities, but the numbers from the year are looking pretty phenomenal.

The “finish line” yesterday was my parents’ house southeast of Dallas, where I also stayed during Winter Break (and where, in case you’re keeping score, I grew up). So I’m “home,” but in all reality, I haven’t exactly “landed” yet.

I’ll keep you posted on where I’ll be next and when I’ll be there, as I plan to write, write, write (while hopefully working an awesome job, as well).

I’m realizing more and more how true it really is: The Trip continues, even if I’ll presumably be stationary. For one thing, I’m still in a very “sojourning” place in life. Further, much of the fruit of this trip is yet to be seen; it won’t come until I can begin to share all I learned and experienced.

Stay posted, and please keep praying. I look ahead with great anticipation.

Please pray for my financial situation, too. Things are a little nuts at the end of this trip.

But my biggest job at the immediate present is gratefulness. God has provided something in this trip that is so beautiful and big and beyond all I could have asked or imagined. I think I’m still a little shocked. Thank You, thank You, thank You.

For the many of you beginning ministry in a new school year right about now, I hope it’s the best year yet. I’m praying for you.

Written from Warsaw, Texas

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