uno año

At about 11pm Central Time on August 16, 2007, I left Dallas on a road trip that would forever impact my life – all in hopes that this unique exploration of college ministry would, in fact, ultimately impact far beyond my life.

In only the last 72 hours, I’ve visited four university campuses in three states: New Mexico, Texas, and… Chihuahua, Mexico, where you can find the city of Juárez and the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, one of Mexico’s major universities.

Mexico and its linguistic difficulties were followed by an all-night drive to Houston, two hang-outs with old friends, and a weekend of churches.

That’s a pretty good synopsis of the year: Campuses. Adventure. Community. Church.

But as all my college ministry friends gear up for a new school year, my present task winds down. At least for a week or two, I get to smile, rest a little, continue to pray about my next steps, and be content with all God has provided in one phenomenal year.

It has been phenomenal year indeed. I honestly believe God has an amazing story for each of us, but I’m still shock-and-awed by mine this year.

I’ll work my way back to the Dallas area this week, heading through College Station for sure and maybe Waco, too. I’ll probably collapse at my parents’ house on Wednesday, after 370 days of exploring.

The Finale has arrived. (And the Itinerary is updated.)

I desperately need to get a hair cut, get my oil changed, do laundry, reorganize my life, and clean up a Nissan Pathfinder that still survives after 40,000+ miles. But it wouldn’t be quite right if I wasn’t collapsing, exhausted and a little messy, at the finish line, would it?

What a year.

(Look for more posts this week, plus any news on my future as I learn it. If you have ideas about jobs I should think about, read this post and let me know!)

Written from Houston, Texas


  1. Jen

    Congrats on nearing the finish! Thanks again and again for all of your exploratory research has contibuted (and will continue to contribute) to the vital work of ministering to the college student population world-wide. You need to become a consultant for Passion!

    Thanks specifically for framing things for me as I move into a different phase of God’s work through me in Boston–as of today I became the new Baptist chaplain at Northeastern. Contextualizing the campus through a student organization rather than the church is a new adventure that this blog is helping me sort out.

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