something, anything

This week’s Fridea is simple. It’s also the last Fridea, at least during the trip.

(I can’t believe I’ll be home in a few days!)

All of the Frideas have been about slightly unusual, big-or-small steps we could make in our own college ministries. Zany ideas, either to copy directly or to springboard us to even better creativity for our groups.

This week’s Fridea:

To try something, anything, to have an even better college ministry this year.

  • Maybe it’s an event you’ve been meaning to think through and bring up to your leadership team.
  • Maybe it’s a book you know you need to read.
  • Maybe it’s 30 more minutes spent each week to help your ministry be that much better – 30 more minutes spent contacting students directly, 30 more minutes on message prep, 30 more minutes updating your web page, 30 more minutes in prayer, 30 minutes of asking advice from a fellow minister.
  • Maybe it’s attempting something ridiculous that you honestly believe could accomplish something new.
  • Maybe it’s a “tweak audit” – walking mentally through every aspect of your college ministry, praying and thinking about any little “tweaks” that you can and should make in each area. Make a list, but then be patient with yourself and your ministry.

I’m don’t think we’re called to spend our whole ministry lives in “trial & error,” nor do I want to be “crazy” in ministry for the sake of being crazy. (College ministers can be tempted in either of those ways.)

But as we sit at the brink of a new school year… isn’t there something, anything we can do better?

What if we just went ahead and did it?

Written from Motel 6 in Houston, TX

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