the goal of exploring college ministry

A few of you might be checking out this site for the first time. If so, welcome to Exploring College Ministry! This site has chronicled my year-long road trip since last August, as I’ve investigated Christian college ministries all across the U.S.

If you’re a regular reader, you know all this, of course. But I wanted to remind us all of the goals of this trip, so feel free to keep reading.

During these 12 months I’ve driven my Nissan to 44 states, 171 campuses, and had hundreds of “explorations” – interviewing college ministers and other leaders, participating in Collegiate Ministry activities on campuses and in churches, enjoying ministry conferences, and even attending 160 weekend church services, including many of America’s most famous, historic, and influential churches.


Because I believe that ministry to college students is undervalued.

(And I can point to Christian leaders all over the country who feel the same way.)

  • Because it’s undervalued, college ministry doesn’t always happen.
  • When college ministry does happen, it doesn’t always happen well.
  • When college ministry does happen well, there aren’t a lot of ways to spread the wealth, to share the Best Practices, to analyze the results, or even to tell the stories of what God is doing.

So I want to help change all that. So do some other college ministers, my heroes who are fighting it out on their own mission fields, among tribes called Wildcats and Eagles and Buckeyes and Bruins.

If all of Christendom practiced Collegiate Ministry really well over the next five years and then stopped completely

We would still change the world for the next 50 years.

Where are the future leaders of your church, your denomination, your city, your country? In college. Right now. Making life-changing decisions about morality and money, about spouses and standards, about career and calling, about location and Lordship.

We can keep waiting until they’re “stable,” until they’re married and have a kid or two and the major life decisions have all been made.

Or we can impact students now and change the world today, by seeing college ministry as another part of Missions, and college campuses as energetic, exciting, strategic mission fields.

We Christians like Missions, remember!

So I took a trip and explored a lot of those mission fields. God is up to some amazing things, and I’m so excited to tell you all about what I’ve learned in the coming months!

You can read all about what I’ve done using the tabs at the top of the page. If you’re interested in helping the cause, check out the Support the Trip page. And if you’re curious, the places I’ve explored, the list of church visits, the list of states, and the most recent list of campuses can all be found on the Itinerary page.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to stick around, because we could just change the world.


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