the whole nine yards

Okay, so I only made it to nine church services this weekend. That’s still pretty significant, right?

And, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, it beats my old record by 3 whole services.

There was a Saturday morning church in there. There was an “express service.” There were at least four denominations, plus plenty of unaffiliated congregations. One service was actually experienced at a Buffalo Wild Wings. I got to take Communion three times. And it all took place with highs over 100 degrees. (108 tomorrow.)

As you can probably imagine, I’m a little worn out. Plus, I’ve just spent a little while defrosting my motel room A/C. Gotta have A/C.

So I’m gonna hold off on the recaps until tomorrow. But if you didn’t get to follow it, the Twitter contains some in-process updates from the weekend that you might enjoy. Click “Older” at the bottom, and then start at the bottom of the 2nd page (if you want to read all the updates in order).

You can also see Saturday’s church visits recapped here. And if you want all the names of the churches, check the tags below.

Later this week, I might attempt some reflections on the weekend and what this year’s 160 church visits have meant to me. It’s been quite a ride.

Written from Tempe, Arizona

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