internet church today

If you want to join me at church today, you can! Virtually!

I’ll be attending Flamingo Road Church’s Internet Campus at 2pm Pacific Time today.

The service can be found at

The main campus of this international multi-site church is in Cooper City, Florida, so they broadcast this particular service at 5pm Eastern Time. That means 2pm my time, 3pm for Mountain Time, and 4pm for all you Central Time folks.

(While some of Flamingo’s web info states that the service is at 5pm Eastern Standard Time, they actually mean Eastern Daylight Time, since Florida is indeed under Daylight Saving Time. I checked with them today to make sure.)

If I remember correctly, I don’t think Flamingo’s services last much more than an hour.

I’ve never done “Internet Church,” so I plan to connect as early as I can – hopefully by 1:30pm. Of course, there’s always the chance I’ll fail miserably and won’t get to attend this service, but that’s what makes this weekend interesting!

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