more notes on all these churches!

Achieving nine or ten church services this weekend is no guarantee, that’s for sure. This is a chase, and everything from surprising service lengths to transportation issues can stand in the way.

As I noted on the Twitter feed, after 12 months of training, this is my Olympic event.

Notably, my previous record is six church services in a weekend. That may get smashed tomorrow morning, before I even get to the evening.

but why?

If you’re new to Exploring College Ministry or haven’t been following closely, you might be surprised I’m racing to attend all these churches! Isn’t this trip about seeing college ministry in action?

Sure it is! Yet one of the best “extracurricular” bonuses this year has been experiencing Christianity all over the U.S.. One of the ways to do that is through attending church, of course. When will I again have the chance to visit dozens and dozens of the nation’s most famous, most historic, most interesting, and most influential churches?

So I have done just that. Before this weekend, I had attended 152 church services. (See all of ’em here.) That component of this trip has been quite educational all on its own, giving me the most amazing “Visitor” experience imaginable. Following the trip, I hope to write about those insights, too.

internet church

Yes, one of the planned church services tomorrow is an Internet Campus. But only one – the rest are flesh-and-blood, brick-and-mortar church services.

After seeing so many other trendy church forms (multi-site, multi-venue, satellite feed, recorded sermon, dialogical teaching, House Church, Emerging, Emergent, etc.), I hoped to attend an Internet Campus sometime. I figured I might as well do it on this gold-medal weekend!

I’ll post instructions on how you can “attend” with me in the morning. The service starts at 4pm Central Time Sunday afternoon.

taking a stand on sunshine

Finally, when it comes to time, you should know that I’m in the Phoenix area. Arizona has taken a stand and does not observe Daylight Saving Time (some AZ friends told me that they “have enough daylight”!). So I’m again functioning basically on Pacific Time.

So if it feels like I’m attending some of these church services at really odd times, that’s why.

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