what’s next?

So… understandably, I’ve been getting that question – “What’s next?” – a lot. (Often, it comes from my own head.)

With about a week and a half until this trip is officially complete, I’m certainly wondering what does come next for me. In case you’re interested (and want to pray for me!), here’s what I’m thinking so far:

  • The purposes for this trip haven’t changed. I’ve had the opportunity this year to get a surprisingly broad view of U.S. college ministry, and I’ve gathered the wisdom of a countless number of college ministers across the country. Now, the job is advocacy and advancing this ministry field we call Collegiate Ministry.
  • I believe I need to write. I still think book-writing and article-writing are the best vehicles to advocate for Collegiate Ministry among those who need to hear it most, which include pastors and other Christian opinion leaders. After a yearlong road trip around the U.S., I have much to write about. That doesn’t mean I’ll be a “writer” for the rest of my life. But I do need to spend some time – maybe a couple of semesters? – sharing the results of this trip.
  • I know I am in enormous debt following this trip. Don’t get me wrong – I am happy to pay this trip off over the next several years. It has been more than worth it. But I need to find some income to help that happen.
  • Since I plan to write extensively, I need a job that allows for that. That means I probably don’t need to lead a college ministry full-time this coming year. College ministers, as missionaries, give their lives to this thing, as they should. But writing wouldn’t happen like it needs to if I’m spending 60 hours a week on ministry.
  • So what does all this mean I’ll be doing? Not sure. There may be jobs in the field of Collegiate Ministry that could leave room for writing. Or maybe I do something else: anything from teaching school to working at a college to serving coffee to serving in some sort of “interim” or “consulting” capacity. (Any ideas?) That way, I can write when I’m not working.
  • If I’m able, I would like to continue blogging, shifting from a trip-focused blog to a content-focused blog. That will be a way to share with each of you all I’ve learned this year, which will only get better as I process the notes from my year.

So… I genuinely don’t know where I’ll live next year, or what exactly I’ll be doing (besides writing). So in a very real sense, this awesome sojourn continues, even if I am (presumably) stationary!

This whole experience has been about trusting God to accomplish something, and that doesn’t end when the actual road-tripping does. It will be fun to watch Him and take the cues He offers in the days and months to come.

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