spoils of the hunt (more resources, etc.)

I’m always on the lookout for helpful web pages, but I have a bad habit of…

  • Opening the page
  • Exploring it for less than 5 seconds
  • Leaving it open
  • Never looking at it again

I’m big on having enough computer RAM and made sure to load up my laptop when I bought it a couple of years ago. So maybe that’s why it can generally handle my plethora of browser windows. Until recently. It’s been slowing down regularly, and that’s a big pain.

Why? Well, tonight, I’ve got 3 web browser windows open, and a grand total of 119 tabs. Really. And only maybe 8 of them are “regularly used.”

(I do plan to look through these things, but year-long road trips have a funny way of hampering one’s studyin’ time.)

This all means it’s time for another resources post, both to pass on the sites AND to catalog these for me to look at later. So, here are a bunch of web pages for you (and me) to peruse when we have the opportunity. Some will have more direct connection to college ministry than others!

Transitions article: a recent article detailing the efforts of the Southern Baptists’ guru in helping transition new college students into college ministry (one of the toughest parts of our ministry field)

Involving College Students in Church Planting: a quite thorough blog post detailing of models/methods for church planting with collegians

Campus Crosswalk Magazine: an online mag by some Churches of Christ Collegiate Ministry folks

268 Blog: the Passion blog, which presently continues (among other things) to detail their Worldwide conference events

Ed Stetzer’s blog: If you’re not familiar with Dr. Stetzer, you should be. His blog gives a unique look at his life that few “Christian celebrities” offer, too.

Review of I Once Was Lost by Chap Clark: a book about evangelization of today’s generation, reviewed by a man highly respected in the field of adolescent ministry

Some Chi Alpha resources: a humongous list of college ministry resources from Northern California / Nevada Chi Alpha

ChangeThis: a site for posting “manifesto” ideas about anything and everything

Navs Resources: this appears to be all kinds of stuff from the leaders in disciplemaking, The Navigators

Neue Resources: the newest generation of resources from Relevant for leaders. It looks promising!

So now, you can open these sites up on your own computer, leaving them open until you pass them on to somebody else! (Like a chain letter, right? Until you do pass them on, you’re cursed with a slower computer…)

Written from Colorado Springs

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