futures market #2

A few days ago, I started an intermittent series of posts recapping some of the trends I’ve see in various areas of Christianity and Christian ministry. I’m also including some methods or organizations that I’m semi-predicting could be trends soon enough. (Here’s the first “Futures Market” post.)

These are just observations, whether or not I personally like (or dislike) each item!

Have fun studyin’ up on these trends, if that’s your predilection. Hopefully we can all be on our game as the new semester starts.

Here’s an idea, a method, and an organization that may be worth watching:

Reformed anything. Reformed theology certainly seems to have “tipped” among American Christians – including (and even particularly) college students. Christianity Today’s cover story from a while back provides a lengthy overview, and the author, Collin Hansen, followed it with a book. Young, Restless, Reformed has plenty of buzz.

Multi-site churches. A church’s second site is usually across town; its third or fifth or twelfth site might just be across the country or even the world! Whatever the geographical spread, multi-site churching is all the rage, and churches seem to be joining the “revolution” all the time. This Wall Street Journal article describes one example, the internationally multi-site Flamingo Road Church (which I got to visit in Florida). (For you college ministers, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared to answer Qs on this, since a church’s site could pop up in your town any day now…)

Cornerstone University. For those interested in Christian colleges, I will be watching Cornerstone in Grand Rapids over the next several years. The move of Joe Stowell there as president – after serving as President of Moody Bible Institute and (most recently) Harvest Bible Chapel‘s Teaching Pastor – is something to watch. So is his immediate “flip” of one part of the organization, placing Student Development under Spiritual Formation, and the hire of Ed Dobson to head it all up. (All this is based on what I found out this summer.) As someone who explores how Christian colleges impact their students, I’m intrigued.

(Want to see more trends? Futures Market #3 can be found here.)

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