counting blessings

Not that anybody’s holding their breath, but I’m gonna have to get to the Fridea tomorrow (Saturday) night. Sorry about that.

The reason it will be delayed is that it’s been a rather humongo couple of weeks. Lots of driving – I’ve been in a new motel nearly every single night for the last two weeks or so. Today, I was making my way through Missouri, then Nebraska… on the way to Wyoming… on the way to Colorado. I’ll spend next week in Colorado Springs or Denver, so it will be nice to be in one place for a whole 6 days or whatever.

While the interviews have been less frequent this summer, they’ve still been amazing. Much of the reason for zipping all over the place is the chance to connect with some key people – including people I’ve been waiting all year to connect with.

For example, there is no greater honor this year than being able to connect with national Collegiate Ministry figures. This week, I had a blast talking to national leadership of both Chi Alpha (the Collegiate Ministry arm of the Assemblies of God) and the Church of the Nazarene. (Earlier this month, Presbyterian Church in America and Southern Baptist national leaders, too. Such a blessing.)

Also phenomenal are conversations with seminary profs connected to Collegiate Ministry; I’ve had several of those contacts this summer – after several throughout the year. Thanks, friends.

And I can never, ever discount the amazing opportunities to talk to so many “on the ground,” the gals and guys who disciple college students in churches and on campuses. I got to reconnect with one of those gals today, who I got to meet WAY back in Chapter 3, right in the heart of Boston.

So it’s been a busy last Chapter. That’s why I’m sleepy and need to wait on the Fridea. But it should be one of my favorite ones yet.

Keep praying. 3 weeks left. Approximately.

Written from a place called North Platte, Nebraska.

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