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A long, long time ago – way back on June 3rd, which in Road Trip terms is years – I reflected on the hopes I had to write a book (or books) following this amazing experience. (You can read all those thoughts here.) And I asked you to pray, because the 2 weeks following might provide some wisdom in that area.

Thank you for praying. God did provide some wisdom in that time. And I shoulda updated you. Sorry.

So I finally wanted to take a second to do that, and to ask for your help – this time, for any brainstorming you’d like to do on my behalf! I could really use your thoughts!

What came out of those experiences in June – attending a writer’s conference, speaking to some knowledgeable people, and praying/thinking about how all this might take shape – was an action plan for Now that can work while I’m still on this trip AND help support my action plan for Later.

The action plan for now? Think about articles.

I’m not going to write a book between now and the end of the trip, obviously, and that’s a pretty big step, anyway. From those I talked to, I received a lot of good input encouraging me to think about articles that might come first. With so many varied experiences – college ministries, churches, campuses, travel, spirituality, adventure, etc. – there’s an awful lot from which to draw.

I’ve written for some publications before, so that should help me get started.

Article-writing would be beneficial in lots of ways: in spreading the message of Collegiate Ministry’s importance, in preparing a platform for book promotion down the line, in providing much-needed funds, with getting things written that might even make up part of any future book(s), and probably some other things.

The action plan for later still appears to be attempting book-writing. I truly believe that will be the best vehicle for much of what needs to be shared. But, if people seemed interested in publishing some articles, I could probably keep writing articles for awhile after the trip, even as I’m thinking about books.

So for now (this next month, although I’ve already started a bit), I’m trying to think about articles and send queries to editors as I have time.

That’s where you come in – with ideas! I could really use any of your suggestions on…

  • Specific topics I could write about (ANYTHING connected to this trip, to the topic of college ministry in general, or whatever else)
  • Specific periodicals you would suggest: national Christian sources, offbeat / non-national Christian sources, or even secular periodicals that might be interested in SOME aspect of what I’ve done.

Remember, the awesome thing is that this trip has had SO MANY experiences. That means some aspect or another might be interesting to just about anybody – Christian publishers, at least. I just have to think of themes that would interest their readers.

So send thoughts if you’ve got ’em – Facebook or email may work best, but you can leave a comment if you want to, too.

And please, please pray for the fruit to come that needs to come from this trip! It will, as He wills.

Written from Motel 6 near Edmond, OK

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