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As you know, I’m big on collaboration. (I think this road trip gives some evidence for that.)

Last week’s Fridea encouraged you to sit down with fellow college ministers. This week, a variation on that theme – one you can accomplish while sitting in bed watching “Fresh Prince” (like I happen to be at the moment).

(As always, a full list of Frideas is linked on the first Fridea post.)

I’ve been thankful all year for ministries’ web sites, which have provided me with some great info before walking into a ministry or an interview. And occasionally a site is so incredibly “complete” that I get far more than I ever could in a single sit-down.

So that’s your Fridea: simply to Google-Explore the college ministries of the world. Jump into their web sites, glean information, and let it challenge, enhance, catalyze your own thinking. You’ll reap some of the same benefits of a sit-down chat with a college minister, and you can cover a lot of ground pretty quickly.

(Credit for this idea goes to my new buddy Justin Stowell, College Director at First Baptist Church in Orlando.)

The main skills needed to accomplish this Fridea? Only the ability to extract info from another organization and derive value for your own organization… one of our most necessary skills as pioneering ministers aiming for the cutting edge of collegiate missions!

You’ll definitely have some extraneous items come up with a random Google search. You can weed through them, looking for actual college ministries… or you can explore the random world of Collegiate Ministry wherever the rabbit hole takes you!

To get you started, though, here are some campus- and church-based ministries (and other things) that come up with a few random Google searches. Be creative, and you may just find some really helpful sites. (Feel free to share them with the rest of us!)

Of course, you may find it even more helpful to get really specific – searching for the college ministry of a particular church, for instance, or for a specific campus ministry at a single school. (I added this after spending some time Googling this morning – sometimes you’ve gotta wade through a lot of rather unrelated sites!)

***and obviously, I can’t vouch for any/all of these ministries***

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