pulling punches

As of today, it’s been 11 months since this trip began.

One of the toughest things about this whole trip has been having to hold back on sharing everything I’ve been seeing and learning! I want to! It drives me a little nutso… so pardon me if I vent for a second.

While the blog has been an excellent place to keep you guys updated, its entries reflect a very, very small fraction of all I want to share. I don’t get to fill you in on many of the adventures, I don’t generally write notes on all my wild church visits, I don’t get to critique or analyze much, and I only rarely “think out loud” on the blog regarding the theories bouncing around in my head.

This blog has only covered the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you’ve noticed.

But despite my desire to share, there are lots of reasons I’ve spent my year “pulling punches,” holding back on sharing everything here.

The biggest reason of all? Time.

If I were to try writing down everything I’m learning, I would die. It would simply mean hours of writing, each and every day, leaving no room for the trip itself. And, of course, nobody would read all that on a blog anyway.

Honestly, blogging takes a really LONG time. No matter how much I like writing down what I’m learning – as well as recording reflections (focused or fun) on the amazing experiences of this trip – I simply can’t do that completely and still stay sane.

Further, I have held back on sharing many overarching ideas or critiques this year because those ideas are always developing. Each day, each exploration, and each discussion provide additional pieces of the puzzle. I won’t be done learning when this trip is over, of course, but at least I’ll have a year’s worth of explorations to draw from.

But that year is drawing to a close pretty soon. And be assured that there is far, far more to come once this trip is over. I promise I’m not holding back simply to stockpile info for me and a select few I choose to make privy to all this. I love sharing this stuff; just ask those who I’ve gotten to meet with this summer. They would probably rather me shut up after awhile!

But I need YOUR help as I think about how to share the experiences of this trip, once it’s all over.

So, with that in mind, if you want to be encouraged about what’s to come, or if you want to help me think about how to share all this, you can…

  • Start with the Trip Itinerary – where you will find each and every exploration I’ve had this year
  • Check out this post, if you want to see the topics that might make it into in a book or books
  • Read the blogs from my “TRECC” across the country, for a window into my daily life
  • See the Reflections category, for a few examples of some better-crafted articles
  • Check out the “Blog Topics” over at the right side, for the categories of all the blog posts

Please be praying that the fruits of this trip will be all they’re meant to be. This whole experience has always required that God work in powerful ways, and that need continues into Month 12 and beyond!

Written from Motel 6, Lexington, Kentucky

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