switcheroos along the way

My Switcheroo update from the other day got me thinking about all the other great “plan adjustments” God has provided this year.

Of course, this trip has only ever been loosely planned all along. But I have a special place in my heart for the moments that hit out of the blue, episodes when planning and proceeding occurred nearly simultaneously.

So here they are (at least the ones I can remember tonight), with links to pertinent posts:

Virginia Tech

The plan: to head up the East Coast to Boston.

There I was, enjoying the Catalyst Conference, when a news article came across my email. Famous Christian thinker Ravi Zacharias would be speaking at Virginia Tech that very next week, right around the 6-month anniversary of the shooting.

And Blacksburg, Virgina, was pretty much right on the way to Boston. Nice, huh?

Since that time, I’ve consistently reported my time at Virginia Tech as my single best on-campus experience of the trip.

The post describing that schedule change is here. And you can read the blogs recounting my time in Blacksburg, Virginia, here.

San Luis Obispo

The plan: making my way up the state of California

While the intent was always to explore my way through California, from San Diego northward, SLO wasn’t really on the radar… until everybody in the state kept referencing Cal Poly. Did you know that pastors in California describe that state college as “the cheapest Christian education in the state”? That’s the strength of the Christian ministries at Cal Poly.

It was a phenomenal exploration, too, and a blast to spend time in a great college town there on the Central Coast.

You can read some of the things I learned in SLO at this post.

Pullman / Moscow

The plan: Seattle

I showed up in Seattle, not really knowing what the situation would be – particularly with the possibility of Spring Break looming. So after a few days in the Rainy City in Finals Week at the end of the Winter Quarter, I had to find a new place to explore… or otherwise spend a week and a half resting, sitting, enjoying the Seattle sights, catching up on life, catching up on sleep…

Do you want to guess what I did?

So I spent 9 days bouncing between the twin college towns of Pullman, Washington (WSU), and Moscow, Idaho (U of I). It was a phenomenal time and probably the “densest” week of the trip – both in numbers of interviews and snowfall.

All Summer (kinda)

The plan: umm…

As I worked through the list of locales in my head, I realized that this summer truly has been crazy. In many ways, the whole summer has been more akin to these “switcheroo” periods than anything even resembling a game plan. Most of the time, planning has been about a week in advance – at maximum – making for a pretty wild (and exhausting) ride.

See the ridiculous summer Itineraries: Chapter 8 (in the Midwest), Chapter 9 (in the Southeast, basically), Chapter 10 (what I’m doing now)

Searcy, Arkansas

The plan: To Kentucky!

As you know, the most recent craziness took me to the heart of Arkansas… for an excellent and unique opportunity. You can read about that in the post from last time.


Obviously, none of this is to say that the rest of the trip was truly “planned.” From the beginning, I believed leaving things open-ended would allow new plans to pop up, and new locales to make it on the schedule.

They have, all year long. Just not always at the 11th hour.

Written from Motel 6 in Nashville, TN

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