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A little while back, I referenced the text message Q&As I had seen this year, and then more recently I spent a post talking about why Question-and-Answer sessions connect particularly well with members of the Millennial Generation. Today, thoughts on why Text Messaging connects well, too!

(This generation, usually called “Millennial” or “Generation Y,” refers to people born since 1984 – at least through the early 2000s.)

While it may seem obvious that Millennials enjoy text messaging, we “older folks” still don’t always think about specific reasons it can improve our ministries.

Yes, this will be really basic for some of you. At the same time, have you spent time thinking about incorporating texting “n2 ur min”? Here’s some motivation to do just that:

  1. The relevance factor. Last week, I got to attend the “Screenagers” forum with Growing Leaders in Atlanta. Why “Screenagers”? Because by far, most of the ways Millennials prefer to communicate or to receive info come via screens. By incorporating texting into your ministry, you incorporate what they know and like. In the same way that plenty of Senior Adult Bible studies around the country still have hymnals lying around, ministries to Millennials should probably have text messages lying around… or something like that.
  2. The immediacy factor. Text messages provide for immediate communication. Not only that, but texting is available for 99% of your students 99% of the time (or close to that!), including right there in your Bible study, chapel, or large group meeting. Since that’s true, doesn’t it seem like texting should open up some sort of new ministry methods? (I’ll note some of those possibilities in that additional post soon enough.)
  3. The hip factor. Meanwhile, college ministries, churches, and others can take advantage of the fact that they still have the chance to be “ahead of the curve.” Because oftentimes churches are seen by outsiders (and insiders!) as a little behind-the-times, incorporating texting into a ministry won’t go unnoticed. And while our biggest priority shouldn’t be “hipness,” it surely can’t hurt to use the most modern methods available to accomplish purposes you’ve already settled on.
  4. The communication factor. When text messages are used for quick announcements, contact with ministry members, and other everyday efforts, they really are a superb form of communication. That’s why many people love texting – because it’s perfect for quick-and-easy messages (including to groups). There are ideal moments for phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and letters-in-the-mail; there are also situations when text messages are absolutely best. Why not make sure they’re in your communication quiver?

Next time, I’ll list the uses of text messaging I’ve seen this year. [Here’s that post.]

Written from “home” at the Cafe 1040 ministry townhouse office in Alpharetta, GA

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