itinerary, if you can believe it

I finally had the chance to complete the full Road Trip Itinerary! Hooray!

What does that mean?

First, it means the Itineraries for

are newly filled in!

Of course, you can see all the Itineraries under the Itinerary tab. Each Itinerary includes the college ministries, churches, interviews, and any other explorations from that “Chapter” of the trip. (As you might notice as you work through them, I’ve learned how to “pack it in” more efficiently as the year has continued!)

Now that those Itineraries are complete, I was also able to put together a separate Church Visits list, for those of you who might be interested specifically in those explorations!

As of today, I’ve made it to 128 weekend church services since August.

Really. Crazy, huh? And that’s just weekend services; I’ve been able to connect with lots of other churches by visiting their Collegiate ministries, interviewing their people, or attending other activities.

While the weekend church visits are somewhat “extracurricular” (since this trip is focused on Collegiate Ministry), those packed weekends have turned out to be a cool adventure of their own. So, if you feel like seeing the amazing U.S. congregations I’ve gotten to spend a service with, take a look at the Church List!

In any case, the Itinerary continues to be one of my favorite parts of the blog, because it gives a quick view of the amazing possibilities God has provided on this trip. I am sincerely humbled by this amazing trip, and viewing the Itinerary floods me with memories of so many amazing people and places and friends and schools. (Those schools are our mission fields, you know.)

If you get the chance, scan through some of those Itinerary chapters – I think you’ll be encouraged about the fruitful opportunities this trip has included, too. (I can’t wait to tell more of my stories!)

And each church visit, each ministry attended, each interview, and every other “exploration” ultimately help accomplish the purposes for this trip, whether they provide information, glean Collegiate Ministry wisdom, or attract a greater audience to the plight of our amazing ministry field.


Written from Motel 6 in the Orlando area

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