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Sorry for the bloglessness this week. It’s been a surprisingly (but awesomely) busy time here in the District of Columbia. So that’s good news.

Before I hit the road for Florida early Wednesday morning, I wanted to send a few experiences / learnings your way…

  1. What can happen in a week. One key piece of Road Trip Theology is simply the random ways life hits ya’. This week, I could be found touring the Supreme Court or attending a church service in a movie theater, attending Bible study with 30 D.C. interns or eating a chili dog at a popular dive on U Street. I helped cared for a sick dog, stood in the Lincoln Memorial during a rainstorm, rode the D.C. Metro to the Pentagon, bled Blue & Gray at Georgetown (or Buff & Blue at GWU), did laundry, got an oil change, and just tonight finally saw the nighttime Capitol building lit up in all its beauty. As I said, this was a busy week. (The week’s Itinerary is now updated and can be found here.)
  2. Underreached, perhaps. All year, it’s been interesting noting collegiate mission fields that seem well-reached, underreached, and even, in some cases, somewhat “overreached,” with what seem like almost too many ministries in a single location. Of course, this is all from my perspective and is certainly subjective. But D.C. seems to be one of those places that’s “underreached” from the Collegiate Ministry perspective – and this is not simply based on what I’ve seen (what can you see in a week?), but the opinion of local ministry leaders, as well. What does that mean? Potential miracles! Are you interested in loving a wild, tough, incredible place? Put the District on your list…
  3. Bountiful buddies. First off, I had the marvelous chance to stay here with Joe and Ashley Dickerson, buddies from those amazing days at Texas A&M. Beyond that, I got to hang out a bunch with another Aggie, Michelle, who works for the Administration and provided some pretty incredible experiences for me this week. AND WAIT THERE’S MORE. I also randomly ran into three old buddies completely by surprise – two Lindseys from Abilene and a Hayden from, you guessed it, Aggieland. How’s that for an encouraging slew of comrades?
  4. OnePrayer. You may not be aware that some 1300 churches are participating in an event called OnePrayer, essentially experiencing the same sermon in every church. I haven’t gotten to read all the details yet – you can read about it if you’re interested – but it was certainly neat to be a part of something that 1300 other churches were doing. And that’s the point, as these churches center on Christian unity across the spectrum. The info is at, and since there’s a good chance some of your neighbors are experiencing OnePrayer this month, you might wanna check it out!

Written from Herndon, VA (north of the District)

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