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Maybe you’ve heard of Ed Stetzer; he’s an author and speaker who works hard to promote “missional” thinking as much as he can. This passion is coupled with (or birthed from) a focus on research and statistics that back up his insights and profit the worldwide Body of Christ.

Stetzer is regularly asked to speak at conventions all over – from small gatherings of various denominations to huge forums like Catalyst Conference (he’ll be a speaker this year at the pre-conference Catalyst Labs).

Here are a few resources from Dr. Stetzer and his Lifeway Research group, two of which I just found out about this week. You may find these helpful or interesting; I’m pretty excited about this stuff.

  • His upcoming book. I was elated to find out Dr. Stetzer’s got a new book coming out (this fall, I believe), particularly when I heard the title/subtitle. Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and Churches That Reach Them could scratch right where a lot of us are itching, and it should further momentum in the fields of Collegiate Ministry and Young Adult Ministry.
  • His (redesigned) blog. Stetzer’s surprisingly candid comments and updates on his ever-ridiculous itinerary are pretty great. But beyond that, we get the chance to hear his first-person notes on what he’s seeing, hearing, and researching throughout Christendom.
  • Their monthly email and super-duper BImonthly email. You might already be on the Lifeway Research Update email list – that’s a FREE monthly update of what those studs at Lifeway Research are studying. But now there’s a beefed-up, twice-a-month email called Lifeway Research Insights. It remains to be seen if it’s worth the subscription price, but I’m giving it a go this year. Check it out – there’s a good description on its page.

Written from Herndon, VA

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