research & resources #62

I might not actually have posted 61 research / resource blogs before this one, but there have been a few.

Some of these Collegiate Ministry resources are pretty important, so take a look if you have the chance…

Here are some more:

  1. Millennials appear more like than different from their parents’ generation.” The College Board (yes, the SAT people) released findings on May 21st that they believe contradicts some of the conventional wisdom about the Millennial Generation. The study report in studentPOLL includes sections like “Personal Values” and “Millennial Facts & Myths.” While College Board’s focus is obviously both secular and specific to their field, this is a major institution that directly interacts with millions of students.
  2. Crystal Blue Persuasion: Chasing the Millennial Generation.” This is the presentation Jay Strack of Student Leadership University gave Monday night to a bunch of pastors. So, not only is it helpful for us thinking through generational issues, it’s perfect for passing on to pastors, parents, and others. Since Strack set up this giveaway for the Southern Baptist Convention meeting this week, I’m not sure how long this link will be available. So go ahead and download it quicklike.
  3. If you weren’t aware, the Passion World Tour has begun. It sounds like it’s been going gangbusters (I like that term – gangbusters – although I’m not really sure what it means). You can see happy pics and some info on the Passion Blog.
  4. The Catalyst Conference has been gearing up for awhile, and now they’ve released who the speakers will be. As usual, it’s a wide array – including leaders as diverse as the Grahams (Franklin and Billy – the latter via video), Dave Ramsey of Financial Peace University, Pastors Matt Chandler and Andy Stanley, and business gurus Jim Collins and Seth Godin. A bunch more, too.
  5. EV Free list o’ Young Adult Resources. I appreciate when denominations point to resources for our ministry field. Here’s the Evangelical Free Church’s list.

As always, if you have any other good resources, send them to me! Or put them in the comments!

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  1. Ben, thanks for the Catalyst add. This year is gearing up to be one of the best we’ve had so far. I’d also add as a resource. We’re publishing anywhere from 5-8 articles each month written from next gen leaders out there.

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