next chapter: southeastern summer

Here’s a quick update, so you can move the little racecar on your U.S. map to the next location.

You are mapping my road trip as I go, right?

In any case, tomorrow starts Chapter Nine of the Road Trip, at least according to the way I’ve organized my Itinerary. Remember – summertime is weird for this trip, but I’ve now completed the first third after zig-zagging all over the Midwest.

(If you haven’t been following along, it really has been one more amazing leg of this trip. That chapter’s Itinerary is here.)

Now, it’s on to D. C. and the Southeast. (I go back and forth on whether I can comfortably just say “the Southeast,” but I really think Washington, D. C. residents might get angry. And I think THOSE guys can put people in jail or send them to space or something.)

D. C. this week and into next week. Then, it looks like Florida, Atlanta, and maybe even a little Nashville and/or Kentucky. I should be in Nashville and Kentucky sometime this summer, but we’ll see how and when things pan out before I’ve got a “Collegiate Workers’ Fellowship” the second week of July.

Plus, there are always some cool stops between stops, and lots of other adventures.

Finally, in case you’re wondering, YES, it’s gonna be hot there in the Southeast. I’ve stayed really good on my geography-weather combos for most of this trip, but I’m about to hit the Floridian South and its temperatures full-force.

Ah, well. If something melts or I catch on fire, it’ll probably make a really good blog post.

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