live blogging at the sbc

Again, I fully recognize that many reading this aren’t involved in the Southern Baptist Convention. But some of you are – and others might just be interested in how the annual gathering of SBCers plays out this week. (My first post – about the surreal existence of a young adult here at the conference – is here.)

If that’s the case, there are several individuals “live blogging” or otherwise keeping up on the workings here in Indy.

  • Ed Stetzer, head of Lifeway Research, author, and increasingly famous national speaker, is not only occasionally blogging from the convention, but he’s twittering pretty rapidly. (Pictures included!)
  • Baptist Press is keeping up with things at their blog.

Others are blogging from the convention as well. However, as you may know, people have a funny way of polarizing around some of the bloggers. I don’t need that noise, so no linking here. “Exploring College Ministry” is a charitable year-long road trip. :)

Written from Indy

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