most exciting news ever

My title could be hyperbole.

But perhaps you’re hopeful, like I am, that Collegiate Ministry will soon strongly advance as a field. Much like missions or youth ministry or church polity or preaching, Collegiate Ministry could be a ministry field that is prioritized, invested in, and advanced over time with theological, philosophical, and intellectual rigor.

If you’re hopeful about that, then it certainly is good news that an academic journal has devoted an entire issue to “College & Young Adult Ministry.”

The journal issue? Issue 70 of the Christian Education Journal, produced by Talbot School of Theology at Biola University.

This serious attention given to these life stages means something about the state of Christian thought; I really do believe it’s evidence that ministry to young adults, including Collegiate Ministry, is “on the upswing” within the U.S.

Honestly, I’ve seen that truth all year, and it’s very exciting. But now we have something concrete to point to.

I’ve already ordered my copy of Issue 70, but it will be a little while ’til it gets forwarded on to me.

I also got to spend some great time with Wheaton prof David Setran, who teaches college ministry and served as Guest Editor of the legendary Issue 70. Of course, by continuing to repeat, “Issue 70,” I hope to solidify this memorable moment within the annals of Collegiate Ministry history – as in, “College ministry used to be unimportant to many, until the emergence of Issue 70 changed everything.”

That statement may also include some hyperbole. But still… this is exciting!

I learned about the journal, of course, from the Ivy Jungle Campus Ministry Update. If you’re not a (free) subscriber to this monthly, emailed Update…

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