writing book(s) or something

I’m wondering about results.

I’m not done with this trip; with 2 1/2 months left (presumably), there’s really a lifetime left in road trip terms. But I am still asking, What is the “fruit” of this trip supposed to look like?

Please be praying for me in the upcoming days. This next week-and-a-half, I’ll be encountering several different people who might have wisdom about one possibility: writing. Please pray that I can get a little time with those people, and that I can explain my trip well enough to get some good feedback and next steps.

I have always thought one result of all this road trippin’ might be a book. First and foremost, this trip has been taken in hopes of ultimately advocating for Collegiate Ministry. I want to tell Christendom how much it matters. I want to tell the stories of life-changing ministry happening “on the ground,” and I want to get Christians outside of college ministry circles thinking about making this a high priority.

I still think a book could be a great vehicle for that.

But along the way, I realized I was having an amazing year-long Jesus adventure – with elements like loneliness and locality and community and hopes of changing the world and political campaigns and church and singleness and busyness and Christianity and international travel and sojourning and women and autonomy and lamb-pumpkin Indian enchiladas. You know, the modern Young Adult experience, wrapped into a single year of hobo-life.

Meanwhile, I was mining real gold from visiting approximately two billion college ministers and ministries all across the country. And I want to share the wealth! I certainly hope my hundreds of pages of notes can turn into something useful, for anyone hoping to impact college students, from San Luis Obispo to Jacksonville!

On top of all that, I’ve visited churches. Oh, have I visited churches. And I’ve thought a lot about what it means to be an outsider (times 120 or so) and how churches can improve that visitor experience. (You notice the little things when you sit through up to 6 services in a weekend, let me tell you.)

Yet not only have I gorged myself on weekend services, I’ve had the chance to sojourn within the mosaic of American Christianity: among so many of the distinct expressions of American Christianity that are all trying to flesh out Jesus-on-earth. What an amazing opportunity.

So… after those many levels of adventuring, there’s obviously quite a bit floating around up in la cabeza. Naturally I’m thinking about what I should do with it all, and writing some of it down – in articles, book(s), etc. – is a possibility.

I am blessed beyond imagination to have been able to take this trip, and every opportunity, every conversation, every gallon of gas are only part of the trip because God wanted it that way. I am not the conductor of this trip; I’m a passenger.

I know the fruit will work that way, too. I certainly can’t see the clear path to how these explorations might impact people, but this trip has always, always required Him to come through. Why should the “end game” be any different?

We’ll see how He wants to do this. Please pray for wisdom as I ask some knowledgeable people this week and next week about writing book(s). Or something.

(If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know!)

Written from Wheaton, Illinois


  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve been hoping you’d write a book or two about your experiences. You’ve joined a small group of people who have a national perspective on what’s happening in many college ministry movements simultaneously.

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