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It’s high time for an update – and maybe not just for your sake, but for mine. Summer has been crazy, and we’re not even out of May. Go take a look at the color-coded “Chapter 8” Itinerary if you dare.

I’m presently in Minneapolis, spending a day (hopefully) catching up on all kinds of things. You can pray for that if you want; motivation is difficult these days, as I make the transition from busy semesters to less-busy summertime.

The next couple of weeks include some pretty random stuff, indeed, with maybe 4 major cities, two family weddings, and a denominational convention. What?

Minnie, Windy, Maddy, or Millie?: Believe it or not, the next week is kinda “open.” I should be finishing up here in Minneapolis in a few days, and I know I’ll drop back into the Windy City at some point. But I may also get more time in Madison, Wisconsin. Perhaps Milwaukee, too.

That’s how this trip goes: weighing possibilities, praying it through, and waiting to see if opportunities pop up! I just have to be headed south before Thursday the 7th (see why below).

MO Weddings: This is nuts… I happen to have two cousins, both from Texas, on different sides of the family, getting married the same weekend (June 6-7), both in the state of Missouri, which happens to be awfully close to where I am and where I’m going.

So… I’ll actually be picking up my family from the airport in St. Louis (since I happen to have a vehicle on this year-long road trip). That’s the site of the first wedding (on Friday, which is a fortunate oddity) – then we’ll drive cross-state to Kansas City for wedding #2.

What an interesting little adventure. And I think I might even get to ride in a car for a few hours, rather than driving. Sweet.

IN Convention: While this may be surprising, I do plan to head to Indianapolis post-weddings to attend the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. I know that’s kinda weird for a young fellow. But I actually went last year, as well, and found the inner workings pretty interesting.

This year, I’ll be on the lookout this year for anything “collegiate” or “Millennial” to report. Plus, it’s a chance to hang out with some of the peeps I’ve met this year (and some old buddies, too), as well as admiring some of my heroes in our denomination. Worst case scenario, I’ll get to sit and catch up on things while I listen to the proceedings. So, good times, any way it goes.

And beyond: That should be it for the first third of the summer – and the Midwest. Beyond that? East and Southeast, I think, hitting more areas I skipped last semester. I’ll keep you posted.

As it turns out, I’ve spent an awful lot of time in Midwestern states during the road trip, and it’s been a neat venue and a neat blessing.

Written from Buffalo Wild Wings in the Twin Cities

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