really. zig-zagging.

A couple of weeks ago, I announced the start to this weird summer period. It’s a time when I have more “freedom” because less is happening on campuses, I’ve got plenty more of the country I want to cover, and I hope to take everything I’ve learned and apply it in some great interviews with some major contacts.

I predicted it would be wild, but the last 18 days have exceeded my expectations in that department! A lot of this ridiculousness results from many college ministries finishing up for the semester; I’m getting as much into the Itinerary as I can before the students are headed home for the summer. But that effort has resulted in crossing state lines numerous times, in ridiculous patterns all over the Midwest.

In other words, zig-zagging.

So, today, a musical recap.* Followed by some ways you can pray for me!

*musical version of the recap available only in person

This summer chapter began May 1st, as I headed out of North Carolina for Chicago. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 2 days (Thursday & Friday), Raleigh to Chicago (with cool stops along the way)
  • 1 day (Saturday), in Chicago
  • 1 day (Sunday), from Chicago to Grand Rapids (I blogged about that weekend’s ultra-influential churches here.)
  • 2 1/2 days (Monday to mid-Wednesday), all over Grand Rapids
  • 3 days (mid-Wednesday to mid-Saturday), Detroit area (including the accidental visit to Canada)
  • Now things really got crazy
  • 1 1/2 days (mid-Saturday through Sunday), from Michigan to Wisconsin (Last weekend I saw six church services in four different states. Really.)
  • Half day (Monday morning), Wisconsin
  • 1 day (mid-Monday to mid-Tuesday), Indiana (Indiana isn’t even next to Wisconsin!)
  • 1 1/2 days (mid-Tuesday to Wednesday), back to Chicago area
  • Thursday, down to Columbus, Ohio

Guess what? In all, I crossed state lines 17 times in the first 15 days of this month. And I crossed state lines 10 times from Saturday through Thursday (5 days). Zig. Zag.

Of course, details can be found on the Itinerary, which I just updated (including some events I had inexplicably left out).

All in all, it’s been rather exhausting. Honestly, I don’t think the rest of the summer will be quite like this, although I’ll probably be moving through regions fairly fluidly.

Now, however, I get the wonderful opportunity to make one final school-year campus exploration, here in Columbus. Ohio State is on the Quarter System, and they won’t have finals for the Spring Quarter ’til June or so. Ministries and classes are in full swing, and I’m spending a week and a half here at the biggest school in the country.

Of course, I’ll probably find myself at a few other campuses around here. Or in a few other cities. I might get cabin fever staying in only one city for an entire week, ya’ know?

If you wanna pray for me, I can always use it. Here are some thoughts for that:

  • Please pray for wisdom and direction in the planning of the rest of this summer. While most of this trip has been planned fairly on the fly, I’m sensing the need (and ability) to plan a little further out this summer. But it would be easy to over-plan or mis-plan, too.
  • Please pray for opportunities and favor. There are some very cool ministries out there I’m hoping to see, and that includes connecting with their ministry leaders. Obviously, in many of the better-known churches and the offices of major ministries, leaders can be a bit harder to schedule with or even to contact! So pray that what/who needs to happen, will happen!
  • Please pray for strength, encouragement, and diligence. Yeah, I’m worn out. You could probably guess that, huh? It doesn’t help that there aren’t a lot of “active campuses” these days; I’m always encouraged when I see a campus in action. And all this zig-zag business has been tough on the ol’ sleep factor. And non-overwhelmed-ness factor.

Thanks, friends!

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