frideas are go!

Ah, summer.

It’s a very weird time for college ministries. Some ministries have more students, some have fewer students, some have no students, and many have quite different activities than during the school year.

For those reasons, summer is a time when we could all use some ideas. Believe it or not, there are ways to minister to our students – the ones presently with us AND the ones away from us. For many ministries, then, it’s a chance to try out new methods (with less to lose if they bomb), to help our students who may no longer have their regularly-scheduled infusion of Jesus Community, and to get creative as we’re confronted with the awkwardness of summer Collegiate Ministry.

So to help us all with that, I’m gonna start posting a summer idea each Friday, with the absolutely brilliant combo name “Fridea.” Despite the name, hopefully the ideas will be helpful. And remember, like the “Experiential Brainstorming” I’ve been posting about, these ideas should lead you down your own brainstorming path to methods that are uniquely useful in your context.

The Frideas list so far:

We’ll see if I actually accomplish this effort, but I’m gonna try, even as this summer has proven to be crazy like I figured it would be.

Meanwhile, I could really use your help! While I’ll presumably be coming across plenty of summer ideas as I encounter ministries in the next few months, I would love to hear your ideas, as well. There are two ways to do that:

  • If the idea is a “modification” or additional idea connected to a Fridea posted here, put a Comment for that post.
  • Otherwise, send away! You can email me (my email is on the About Benson page) or Facebook me.

I would love to get all the ideas you want to send – about ministries you’ve done, seen, or just thought up!

Written from “home” in Bexley, Ohio (Columbus area)

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