let the zig-zagging begin

Upon leaving the amazing NC Triangle Thursday afternoon, I entered another unique portion of this trip: The Summer.

I know, it’s not really summer (the season) yet, but for most Semester-based campuses out there, classes have ended or soon will. In fact, some schools were having their Commencement ceremonies today!

And with summer comes a change in my explorations, as you might imagine. But that doesn’t mean there’s not still explorations to be had. Here’s a look at what the summer should hold:

  1. Seeing church-based college ministry for the “summer crowd.” Some church college ministries get smaller, some get bigger, and some just have near-complete turnover. It’s crazy and sometimes really tough, but there’s wisdom to be found!
  2. Seeing campus-based ministry during the summer terms. Believe it or not, some campus-based ministries get to continue with activities, though they may be more limited in scope. So I’ll hopefully get to see some o’ that.
  3. Encountering special summer ministry! For instance, “Summer Project” is a major Campus Crusade activity, all over the U.S. Lots of ministries take mission trips. Plenty of students work at Christian campus – and are purposefully discipled by camp staff. Those opportunities and more are a real part of summer college ministry – and I get to explore it!
  4. Regular campus life – at Quarter System schools. Don’t worry – some schools are still in session, all the way through May. In this area (the Midwest), Ohio State is one of those, as is DePaul University in Chicago. So count on some explorations of those places – especially Ohio State, where I hope to spend a good couple of weeks.
  5. Catching up on regions, campuses, and key ministries I have yet to explore. Believe it or not, though I’ve made my way to 37 states and 109 campuses, there is plenty I still hope to see this year. Summer should be a good time to blitz my way all over the country, in my quest to get the broadest possible view of U.S. Collegiate Ministry!

Because my exploration interests are a little more specific, and because less is taking place on campuses, there looks to be more regional “zig-zagging” this summer. For instance, the Midwest contains four major areas and several specific ministries I hope to explore. Scheduling those visits and interviews isn’t easy, and I can’t expect that everything will turn out “tidy” as I cram so much awesomeness into 5 weeks.

So this should be fun and nutso, with plenty of driving. If you’re interested in keeping track of it all, there’s always the Itinerary – we’re in Chapter 8, in case you’re wondering. It’s gonna be color-coded and everything! (I’ve already seen some cool stuff, including some fun on the way from North Carolina!)

Please pray for me during this time. Pray for scheduling wisdom, for direction, and for favor among the many ministries / ministers I hope to encounter. Thanks, friends. It’s gonna be a great summer!

Written from the Chicago area

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