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In all the hubbub of the TRECC, last week’s conference, my exploration of the NC Triangle, and the close of the semester, one Road Trip milestone was brushed past rather unnoticed.

I recently explored College campus #100! The gloriously-titled Slippery Rock University, no less! And in just under 8 months of Exploring College Ministry.

[I later realized I had left a campus out – The University of Louisiana at Monroe! Bummer! AND THEN after the trip was all finished, I realized I’d also forgotten to add New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary – which came even earlier than ULM. So that kinda throws everything off count-wise… I’ve added those in below, without changing the numbers here. I’ll change the numbers on the official Itinerary, though.]

In case you’re curious, here is the list to 100, complete with my top-of-mind recollections. No pictures, no web sites – just what I remember right off the bat. It’s mostly pretty random stuff. Many of these quick-thoughts will make sense to everybody, but others may only mean somethin’ to those familiar with the campus. But I figure that’s okay – more fun for those in the know.

The first 48 recollections below were copied (with a few edits) from a post last semester, and it’s encouraging that I’ve already surpassed that campus total this semester…

The trip to Chicago

  • Evangel College. (Campus number one. Took a nap.)

New Student Orientations & further Chicagoland exploration

  • Trinity International University / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Gotta love a school named TEDS.)
  • Wheaton College (Hangin’ in the Stupe. Lots.)
  • Moody Bible Institute (That big plaza is pretty cool in the middle of busy Chicago.)
  • North Park University (It’s quite Swedish, you know.)
  • Judson College University (Campus flood, plus a name-change. With fireworks.)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (Hangin’ out in the Inner Circle…)
  • Loyola University (That Ignatius of Loyola, he liked to learn stuff.)
  • DePaul University (I eavesdropped on one group’s Bible study ’cause I was late.)
  • Robert Morris College (Cool giant mural.)
  • University of Chicago (Some parts are kinda old and creaky, but in a cool way.)
  • Northwestern University (They tape their fliers to the ground! And they sell crepes at the food court!)
  • College of DuPage (Lived right across from it for six weeks. Even walked a dog over there.)

The trip to Atlanta & back up to Boston

  • Purdue University (Stalked a Christian magician.)
  • Western Kentucky (I understand why they’re the Hilltoppers now.)
  • Furman University (Home of the bald Paladin.)
  • Bob Jones University (Watched Literary Societies play soccer, with their own cheerleaders.)
  • Appalachian State (Two huge hills. And lots of milkshake choices at Cook Out.)
  • Virginia Tech (Ravi Zacharias.)
  • University of Scranton (Slept in a Vistor’s spot.)
  • Lackawanna College (They didn’t lack the wanna to be nice in the bookstore.)

Boston & more New England

  • Boston University (Home of the Terriers and the Passion Regional.)
  • Harvard University (How many schools have archeology digs on campus?)
  • MIT (Home of the crazy geometric buildings. It is, after all, MIT.)
  • Cambridge College (I attended Sunday school in a classroom!)
  • Boston College (Man, it’s a ways out there on the Green Line.)
  • Northeastern University (Homecoming King & Queen Karaoke. That’s all I need to say.)
  • University of Massachusetts (There’s some disturbing places on this campus!)
  • Gordon College (Timothy George in Chapel.)
  • Central Connecticut State University (Most disturbing mascot. Ever.)
  • Tufts University (That’s right, they’re the Jumbos! Actually named after the Barnum & Bailey elephant!)
  • Brown University (Sex. Power. God.)
  • Connecticut College (Really nice security guard, for one thing.)

Headed down to Florida

  • NYU (Is that your school or a skyscraper? Yes.)
  • Princeton University (Just visiting my cousin getting his Plasma Physics PhD., that’s all.)
  • University of Maryland (Probably the coolest center-of-campus I’ve seen.)
  • University of Richmond (They’re the Spiders, and this campus is in the stinkin’ woods.)

Southern Blitz

  • University of Florida (Toured the campus on the back of a Vespa driven by a scholarship athlete. Huh.)
  • Samford University / Beeson Divinity School (One of the prettiest campuses ever. Good cafeteria, too.)
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (They’re the Blazers, and a Blazer is a dragon.)
  • University of Alabama (Fight at the food court! -don’t worry, it was employees, not students.)
  • LSU (The under-construction BCM will be great! And… there’s a real tiger on campus.)
  • [New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (An amazing lunch with a college ministry prof and his students – how could I forget?)]
  • Tulane University (Waterfalls from the ceiling of the student center? Wowzers.)
  • Southern Miss (Jumbo-tron in the Student Center, eh?)
  • William Carey University (All the street names have to do with Carey’s life. When I die, what would I want on my street names?)
  • Mississippi College (They have some moolah, say their sweet buildings.)
  • Belhaven College (They, too, are the Blazers. Only this time a Blazer is a blazing guy. Or a sword. Or an orb. The bookstore gal and I couldn’t sort it out.)
  • Millsaps College (The SMU of Mississippi, but WITH a climbable tower.)
  • Louisiana Tech (At midnight, the golden bulldog comes alive. Not really. But oh how I wish it was true.)
  • [The University of Louisiana Monroe, Monroe, LA (The campus was deserted, except for a huge Christmas tree. Good enough.)]

Conference in NM

  • University of New Mexico (In Albu-qwirky, and it certainly is.)

Winter Break in Dallas

  • SMU (A great library for a few sources for the ol’ thesis.)
  • Dallas Theological Seminary (I left my Red X by the Jesus statue. But it was rescued!)
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (My soon-to-be alma mater…)

California – from bottom to top

  • #54: University of California San Diego (La Jolla) (Lotsa construction, but it was good to be in San Diego for Semester Two!)
  • #55: San Diego Christian College (El Cajon) (Dorms… right at a church. Huh.)
  • #56: Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego) (Mascot? Sea Lions. Picture of mascot? Regular lion. Confusing!)
  • #57: San Diego State University (San Diego) (Long, pretty “campus walk” down the middle.)
  • #58: California State University San Marcos (Constructed all up-n-down a hill.)
  • #59: California State University Long Beach (The Beach! Or the Dirtbags! And the official mascot, too! Lotsa nicknames!)
  • #60: The Master’s Seminary (Sun Valley) (At Grace Community Church, so I got two explorations in one. Sweet.)
  • #61: The Master’s College (Santa Clarita) (John MacArthur in chapel, so I got the full view.)
  • #62: UCLA – University of California Los Angeles (I had to sprint across the campus, and it’s a big campus… Winded!)
  • #63: Azusa Pacific University (Azusa) (Hundreds and hundreds in night-chapel, plus ashed on my forehead.)
  • #64: Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles) (Overlooking the smoggy, pretty city.)
  • #65: University of Southern California (Los Angeles) (Get lost, pull out the laptop, keep searching, pull out the laptop…)
  • #66: Pepperdine University (Malibu) (Man, that’s quite the hill. A big, steep, awesome-view hill.)
  • #67: University of California Irvine (Go Anteaters! Zot!)
  • #68: University of La Verne (La Verne) (Home of Ben Hines Field!)
  • #69: California Baptist University (Riverside) (Golf cart tour! And Woman Chapel!)
  • #70: Westmont College (Montecito) (All kinds of big plants. A plant wonderland.)
  • #71: University of California Santa Barbara (Watch out for bikes! Bikes have the right!)
  • #72: Cal Poly – California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) (Campus Crusade with the Ag College – go Aggies!)
  • #73: University of California Santa Cruz (oh, I’m just hangin’ with a banana slug)
  • #74: San Jose State University (An emerging-ish church service, right there on campus. We are Spartans.)
  • #75: Stanford University (Stanford) (I got sushi boxes, got REAL lost one late night, and ate in the Faculty Club twice. All in a week’s work.)
  • #76: Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley) (What a library! That’s what happens when schools combine!)
  • #77: University of California (Berkeley) (Tree-sitter? Check!)
  • #78: Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Mill Valley) (There’s not really a gate on campus. But I did eat a pumpkin-lamb enchilada with a prof!)
  • #79: Santa Clara University (Santa Clara) (Look at that big burrito! Eat it up!)
  • #80: Simpson University (Redding) (What’s that big rock on campus?)

The Northwest

  • #81: University of Oregon (Eugene, OR) (I am a Duck.)
  • #82: Northwest Christian College (Eugene, OR) (A little-bitty corner cut outta U of O. Cute!)
  • #83: Reed College (Portland, OR) (Ah, that zany Reed College.)
  • #84: Portland State University (Portland, OR) (What are Park Blocks? Oh, blocks of park-ness, right down the middle o’ campus. Gotcha.)
  • #85: George Fox University (Newberg, OR) (Tents all over.)
  • #86: University of Washington (Seattle, WA) (Not only a great campus, but a great district called the U. What a place. Just don’t try to park.)
  • #87: University of Idaho (Moscow, ID) (Maybe the biggest student center yet. And the Vandals refers to the people-group. Really.)
  • #88: Washington State University (Pullman, WA) (Ah, the Sweet 16. Go Cougs.)
  • #89: Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) (Biggest snowflakes ever.)
  • #90: Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, WA) (What a spread – killer cafeteria, SPU.)
  • #91: Multnomah Bible College (Portland, OR) (Log cabin or student center? Yep.)

The TRECC from Portland to North Carolina

  • #92: University of Montana, Missoula, MT (Give me a student center, spacious and wooden and plant-filled, with a glass elevator running up the middle and metal statues hiding in the forest… was this a dream?)
  • #93: Montana Tech, Butte, MT (Orediggers!)
  • #94: Montana State University, Bozeman, MT (And suddenly, Montana gets flat, along with its campuses.)
  • #95: North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND (Quite the snowman for April!)
  • #96: Minnesota State University Moorhead, Moorhead, MN (O metal dragon around the lightpost, how can I find the bookstore before freezing?)
  • #97: Bethel University, Minneapolis, MN (I feel like I walked across this campus inside in a long glass hallway? Is that right?)
  • #98: Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN (They know they’re a tourist attraction, and they should be.)
  • #99: Grove City College, Grove City, PA (Nostalgia, since last applying and visiting in ’98…)
  • #100: Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA (You are 100. Gotta love the Rock.)

Written from Dan’s house, Durham, NC


  1. Oren

    Benson – Great to hear that you are alive and well. Only you could pull off something like this…endurance! I would love to catch up with you soon.

  2. Great to meet you, Ben, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I look forward to keeping up with the rest of the trek, and, Lord willing, to possibly see you in Denver late summer.

    God bless you,

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