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I feel like I’m playing Red Light, Green Light.

After one of the CRAZIEST, hardest pushing weeks of this trip (“Green Light!”), I hit this week’s conference at full speed, worn out from my dead-on sprint. Then, “Red Light!,” full stop, same place for three days, staying (mostly) within about a 3-mile radius. A great, though stationary, conference.

But as it turns out, the “Red Light” continues! THIS spot is my next adventure on this year-long road trip.

I’ll be hangin’ for the next couple of weeks in the Triangle, that extremely collegiate area of North Carolina bounded by the campuses of Duke University (in Durham), University of North Carolina (in Chapel Hill), and NC State (in Raleigh). Also known as the Research Triangle, these are some of the smartest cookies out there. And not only the cookies are smart, but the college students are smart, too.

but that’s not all

As you may have gathered, these North Carolinans are closing out their semester pretty soon. So I’m going to be working my hardest to cram in as much as I can over the next week or two.

Beyond that, I do plan to continue this Exploring College Ministry trip well into / through the summer. While it will be different seeing Collegiate Ministry in the summer months, the opportunity for interviews and unique observations – like how church-based ministry operates for the summer crowd – will definitely be present.

BUT, if you act now, for a limited time we’ll be extending “campus life” for an additional month!

“How can this be?,” you ask? The Ohio State University, the largest college in the United States, happens to use the quarter system! So OSU’s Spring Quarter extends all the way to the beginning of June! By exploring that magnificent campus in upcoming weeks, I’ll get to see “normal campus life” just a bit longer.

I am assuming it’s magnificent. I’ll let you know.

I’ll keep you posted on exact dates for Ohio; for now, I’ve got NC on the plate. And it looks scrumptious.

(If you wanna see what I’ve done so far, I’ve started the NC Itinerary!)

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